Shuttle location and times


We pick up and drop off from The Bone House in Toronto at 946 Queen St E at 12:00pm unless other wise agreed upon. We do not shuttle on the weekend or the Friday or Monday of a long weekend.

what are your rates

where does my dog sleep

Local drop off and pick up: prices are based on 24 hours. There is a $3/h charge for every hour past 24 for 1 dog and $5/h for 2 dogs. Times must be selected for booking to accepted.

1 dog- $30 2 dogs- sharing a suite $50 3 dogs sharing a suite- $69

Shuttle service from 946 Queen St E in Toronto: flat rate per night:

1 dog- $45 2 dogs sharing a suite $77 3 dogs sharing a suite $97

Long term stay discounts available.

All guest have their own private suite within the kennel. The suites are spacious and include a raised cot bed, bowls and a doggie door leading to a private outdoor run. The runs open up to a communal play yard. The kennel is temperature controlled and very comfortable. We do suggest sending along a bed, blanket or mat to go on the cot to have something familiar. Please only send things that can get dirty.

We have a virtual tour in our gallery and on our highlights on Instagram @thebonehousebandb

how many dogs do you board

do you board unfixed dogs

what does a typical day look like

Currently we can board up to eight dogs as three of the five suites are big enough for bonded pairs to board together. We are in the process of building six more suites to bring the total to fourteen by the summer of 2019.

There are many variables in answering this question and it can only be answered case by case.

We start each morning in the play yard for a stretch and pee then we head in for 30mins for breakfast. We spend 1.5 hours out on the trails in the morning then back to the play the yards. If the weather is either too cold or too hot pups will return to their climate controlled suites until it’s time to go out on the trails again. Following an afternoon trail walk we go in for dinner, then end the day in the play yards.

We prefer pups are off leash durning the trail walks as leashes can be challenging in the brush and tress. Good recall is a must to be off leash.

Play yard activities are supervised.